Membership Instructions

MusAPP tm   is a membership site that offers performance instruction in voice, band & orchestra, and keyboard.  There is an anual enrollment enrolment fee for each classroom you want to join.

You may join a homeroom FREE of charge, but to access the lessons and performance exercises, you will want to join one or more classrooms.

  • For full access to your homeroom and classrooms you'll need to create a FREE homeroom account.
  • When you complete the sign-up form, you will be asked to select your homeroom.
  • Each homeroom requires a one-time "enrollment key", which you will get from your teacher or in a confirmation email.
  • If your music teacher sent you to MusAPPTM to join, you will probably have a homeroom already set up.
  • If your teacher has setup a Homeroom for you, he/she will tell you the name of your Homeroom and will give you the enrollment key.  Your teacher will also be your online teacher to monitor your work and help guide you through the lessons.
  • If your school does not have a Homeroom, use one of the Home School Homerooms.  A member of the MusAPPTM staff will be your online teacher and help guide you through the lessons.

Steps to Enroll

To become a MusAPP Member, you must first create a New Member Account.

  1. CLICK HERE to download and install the MusAPPTM application software on your computer. After you have installed the application, MusAPPTM will open to the login page.
  2. If you don't have a user name and password, click the New Account button at the bottom of the login page.
  3. Fill out the New Account form with your details on the MusAPP login page.
  4. Enter your homeroom number at the bottom of the form. If your school, church, or studio does not have a homeroom setup, enter #70 (The Commons) as a temporary homeroom.
  5. An email will be immediately sent to your email address.
  6. Read your email, and click on the web link it contains.
  7. Your account will be confirmed and you will be logged in.
  8. Next, open MusAPPTM from the icon on your desktop or useing the program list in your Start Menu. When you login, you will be directed to your homeroom.
  9. Enter your homeroom KEY to gain access if required. This will "enroll" you in your Homeroom.
  10. You can now access your homeroom and choose the classes you want to join.
  11. Enrollment in a Classroom requires a fee which you can pay via PayPal. When you click a Classroom link in your Homeroom, you will be asked to click the PayPal button to be redirected to PayPal. If your school is paying your fee, you will not use PayPal.
  12. From now on you will only need to enter your personal user-name and password to log in and access your homeroom and any classes you have enrolled in.

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