Please download and install the MusAPP Tm desktop application


Open MusAPP Tm from the icon on your desktop.

If you are using an OLD version of MusAPP, you need to download the latest version.

  • To visit the Demonstration Classroom or login to MusAPP Tm you must download and install the FREE MusAPPTm desktop application.  The application does the pitch following and judges your performance.  Internet connections are not fast enough to listen to your performance and give you the real time audio/video biofeedback.

    When you install the application, it will open the website and let you login with your username and password or as a guest.  The next time you visit MusAPP Tm , just click the icon on your destop to open MusAPP Tm .

Download Instructions

  • Click the Download Button to download MusAPP TM.
  • There is no charge or registration required to download and install MusAPP TM on your PC.
  • System Requirements:
    • PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 operating system.
    • Desktop Microphone with Speakers installed on your PC, or a Chat Headset.
    • Windows IE-8 or newer browser.
      (Get Internet Explorer)
    • Internet Connection (broadband recommended)
    • Enable Cookies in IE.
    • Enable Javascript in IE.
    • Adobe Flash Player
      (Get Flash Player)

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Download and Install MusAPP Tm


We are currently in the Beta Test phase.

If you would like to be included

in the Beta Test, please CONTACT US

and send us your request along
with your contact information.

Run or Open the Setup Wizard

  1. Since MusAPP TM requires IE 8 or newer browser to run, we have included download instructions for IE. (Get Internet Explorer)

  2. Click <Run> or <Open> to start downloading MusAPPTM.

  3. During the Beta Test phase, you will see this IE warning because we have not yet purchased the Microsoft safe site certificate.

  4. Click <Run> to continue the MusAPP TM download and open the MusAPP TM Install Wizard.

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Install MusAPP TM

  1. Click Next to start the MusAPP TM Install Wizard.

  2. Check the Terms and Conditions agreement and click NEXT to complete the installation of MusAPP TM.

  3. Click Next when the status bar is green.

  4. Click Finish to open MusAPP TM.

  5. You will find this MusAPP TM icon MusAPP icon on your desktop and in your Start Menu. Click the MusAPP TM icon MusAPP icon or click the link in your Start Menu to open MusAPP TM.

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Tune MusAPP TM To Your Computer
System Tuner:

The audio output from your computer synthesize may not be tuned to A-440.

To be sure that MusAPP TM is in tune with your computer, you must use the System Tuner the first time you open MusAPP TM . The System Tuner will open and wait for you re-calibrate the MusAPP TM pitch follower.

  1. Place your microphone near your external audio speaker and watch the pitch pointer.
  2. Click the <Play Reference Pitch> button.
  3. The System Tuner will automatically adjust the tuning.
  4. When the green pitch pointer is centered between the red target lines, Click <SAVE> to save the tuning and continue to the MusAPP TM login page.

Note: If you don't have an external speaker, you could use a desktop microphone and head phones. Place the headphone speaker near the microphone.

If you are using a chat headset, you may need to use a separate microphone to be able to position the microphone near the ear phone.

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Audio Setup Guide
Step 1:
  • Locate the audio ports on your computer.
  • The microphone port is usually colored pink.
  • The headphone port is usually colored green.
  • The Line Out port is usually colored black.
  • NOTE: Your computer may have audio ports in both the front and the back. But you may have to turn on the front or back ports in your audio control panel.
Step 2:
  • Plug the microphone jack (pink) into the microphone port (pink).

  • Plug the headphone jack (green into the headphone port (green).

  • If you are using a desktop speaker or other external speakers, you may need to use the Line Out port (black).

Step 3:

  1. Follow the Windows Help instructions to Open the Windows Audio Control Panel .

  2. Be sure the ports you are using are enabled. Depending on your version of Windows, you will see different Audio Volume Control panels. Consult the documentation for your version of Windows.

  3. Be sure the correct ports are selected and not muted. Click SELECT to enable the microphone port.

  4. Set the volume slider. You may need to adjust this after you start using MusAPP TM.

Step 4:

  1. Click Options/Advanced Controls to set the Microphone Boost feature if your sound card supports it.

  2. You may need to run the Windows Audio Wizard to be sure the ports are enabled and you are using the correct device drivers.

  3. In the Windows Control Panel, open Sounds and Audio Devices Properties window and select the VOICE tab. Then click the TEST HARDWARE button to be sure your audio system is correctly configured.

  4. Optional -- You may need to turn on the microphone boost function, depending on the sensitivity of your microphone.

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Login to MusAPP TM

  1. MusAPP TM will open to a login page. Enter your username and password to gain access your course.

  2. If you don't have a username and password, use the Visitor Login to open the Demo Course.

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